Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boys will be boys....

OMG! There's is so much to write about. Life is so busy these days and it is so hard to post everything b/c I am trying to soak it all in. Let's start with Mr. Zachary. Oh my how big he is getting! At our 2month checkup he weighed in at 13.5pds and 23 3/4in long. He has been in a size 2 diaper for quite some time and is wearing 3-6 month clothes. I was worried about getting him on a schedule but he did it himself the week of Labor day. You can now set a clock by his feedings, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 7pm and 930pm and then down to sleep from 10pm-8am. When I'm working he takes about 5ozs a feeding and does very well with a bottle. He loves his sleep these days. I'm not sure if he's making up for not sleeping the first 4 weeks or trying to avoid his soon to be 3 year brother. LOL! I think maybe he's just a good, happy baby. When he's awake he is very content and just smiles and coos constantly. He loves to hear Jackson's voice! I could just snuggle with him forever and I try to when a free moment strikes. I just love the way he molds into my chest and curls up those little legs underneath him. When he eats he puts one arm around my back and one on top of my breast and both are steadily kneeding. It's so sweet to see him fall asleep after eating. I think this is when I could hold him the longest. There's something so peaceful and surreal about it. Then there's this infectious smile that you could just eat up. It's one of those smiles that lights up the room! Have a mentioned how much I love this boy! I am the luckiest woman in the world.
If there is one thing I would change it would be this reflux and sleeping in a swing. The reflux is much better with the prevacid, but I really want my boy to sleep peacefully in his bed. I bought a incline positioner and I can place him on his stomach for a couple of hours, but that's it. I worry that he's getting to big and will fall out of the swing and I worry that the positioner will get messed up and block his breathing. I guess I'll always worry about them no matter what age or reason. The other issue we have is this rather annoying rash. It started around 5 weeks old and covers his entire body. It starte don his face then gradually made it's way down. It is thick, red and raised. We thought it was viral initially, then a week later at our 2 month checkup Dr. Duke said it may be contact dermaitis. We tried steriod cream, changed detergents, soaps and lotions, but it kept coming back. We went to an allergist on monday and she is having us tested for routine allergies like; milk, wheat, nuts ,etc. I'm taking him in tomorrow to get lab and we'll wait two weeks for the results. If that comes up negative then we'll see a dermatologist. I'm hoping it's just sensitive skin that will go away with time.
Did I mention how fair his skin is and that his hair seems to be an auburn color and then there's those beautiful baby blues. He looks so much like his Daddy, it's almost scary.
Now on to the "Wild Child". Jacks' is doing good! I can't beleive that he will be turning 3 yrs next week. It's hard to imagine where all the time has gone. I pray everyday for the ability to remember every little thing he does. I just keep saying , "He is so funny! Who does he really belong to? He is so sweet! He is such a toot!and He is so pretty." I swear I could go on and on about him and I know people get tried of hearing it. But gosh, He's mine and I love him so much. Here's some things he's been saying and doing:
-He leans into the wall with one arm and the other on his hip with his feet crossed and says," Well.....".
-He puts he's hands on either side of your face and says," I got to tell you something.."
-He says," I love you Moms" for no reason.
-He still sucks his fingers when he's sleepy or really thinking about something.
-We went to the Wiggles concert in August and had a blast with Charlotte and Landon. It was our first concert.
-We went to the rodeo parade in PB with Nanny and Poppy and he loved the horses and fire trucks. He even waved at the princesses and focused hard on the bands. Afterwards we ate at Chili's and he held up his menu and told the waitress that he wanted "25 Chickens, please". We ended up with pizza! LOL!
-He loves Spiderman (a.k.a. Peter Parker) and throws his webs at anybody.
-He loves playing pow pow, reading books, playing blocks ( he say's" Want to build something?") and playing dinosaurs.
-Spiderman and Dinosaurs are his fav.
- He has recently starting playing with his tool set, cars and trains more often.
- He put a gun case over his shoulder last week and asked Jason," Daddy, Do you want to go hunting with me?"
- He potty trained himself over Labor weekend. I was feeding the baby and he pulled his pants off while atching t.v. , next he pulled his pull up off and then he looked at me and said," I have to go potty, Momma." He's been in big boy underware ever since and has no problem going peepee or poopoo. We have had a problem with playing in the potty, but he now knows that he will have to sit on the baby potty if he does so and I think he got the point. This morning he got out of bed and went staright to the potty by himself and then came to our bed. We watched him the whole time and we were very impressed at our big boy.
- He loves to sit in the baby's bouncey seat.
- He loves to help us do everything.
-He has staring saying," But why?"
- He tells us what he wants for dinner. We still have a hard time getting him to eat and drink milk. He just can't slow down long enough. He loves sitting at the island to eat or in his desk inthe living room.
-He used to nap so easily from 1-3pm. Now he is rather hard to lay down.
-He loves talking on the phone. He could talk for hours and carry on a fully understandable converstation.
-He is such a people person and loves to go out and about so that he can see the world. He doesn't meet a stranger and he loves to play with other kids, esp. older ones.
- We ran into Zane and Nix the other night and instantly started swaping super heros and talking with Zane.
-He put my breast pumps up to his chest the other night and said," I'm going to make baby brother some milk o.k.! I fell out in the floor laughing.
-He loves playing outside, esp. in Daddy's boat. His imagination is never ending these days. He pretends to throw the rope or pole over and catch things. He say different fish (bass, catfish,etc..) or alligators or snakes.
- He pretends to see monsters and fights them off or tells them to stay away from me. He'll say" Mommy there's a monster and point. " Then he'll wrap his arms around my neck and say ,"I'll save you ,Mommy" . I just love it!
He is still in daycare which has been a little bit of an issue. We put him in the new school in the spring and he started out doing well. They were brand new though and have since gone throught a few teachers and he has gone through 3 new classes. We started out in a class that was too young, and b/c he acted like the "Big man on campus" we moved him up. The second class was very structured and good for his ego b/c he was the youngest. I think he needed to have older kids aroung him. He learned alot in that class. Now we are with the kids he will start kindergarten with and still trying to adjust to a new class. He seems to be the class clown and like all the attention. We have really had to work on listening and not hitting . The school is really working with us. Nanny says that he is his Daddy made over. I just hope we grow out of this behavior soon! He is so full of life and energy and I just know this little bad behavior era will end soon. I hate having to be on top of him so much. I feel like I'm going to ruin is perfect little personality. 2 year olds, Gotta love them!!! LOL!

I'm not to concerned with households chores or making myself pretty these days. I just try to enjoy my boys and keep up with everyday living enough to stay sane. Once I think I have a routine down or have everything together, I get proved wrong. I guess it's the thought that counts. LOL!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Zachary's first 7 weeks

Oh my sweet, sweet boy where do I begin. I never imagined how perfect my love would be for you. I just melt when I look into your eyes and feel you molded into my chest. You are such perfection in my eyes and my heart. I was so afraid that I would compare you with Jackson or that I would not have enough love to spread around, but I was so wrong. I have had to learn how to give each of you your own personal time to love, but I find it easier and easier to share time with you ,too. I won't pretend that this first couple of months hasn't been hard, but I will be optimistic that it will continue getting easier and more enjoyable. There's nothing like the feeling of having both of you boys in my lap or asleep under the same roof. My life and my family seem so complete now. I'm a "Mommy" and it's amazing!!!!!!!!
Well, here goes a shot at the past few weeks. You started out being an amazing baby. The first week all you did was eat and sleep. You nursed like a champ and slept through every noise Jackson made. You were so quiet that there were times we had to pinch ourselves and remember you were here. It was a great time to adjust to having you home and settle Jackson into a new life of sharing time. Then momma quit taking her pain meds and you woke up!!!!!!!! Bless your heart we took you in for your first check-up and you were an angel, healthy and gaining weight( except for a little jaundice which was getting better). In the next few days you became a miserably, unhappy colicky baby with reflux. You would pass gas so furiously and loudly that you would scream in pain and constantly spit up. I went to the lactation specialist to make sure your latch was could and that I did have yeast on my breasts. Well, as we suspected your latch was great and I possibly did have yeast, which could possibly cause GI upset. You were still gaining weight and having plenty of dirty and wet diapers, so we knew you were definitely getting enough milk. So, the answer was treat for yeast. The same day we went to see Dr. Lu and he placed you on zantac for the classic symptoms of reflux and re-checked your bilirubin which was back to a normal level. Then I went to Dr. Simmons for a possible UTI and left with antibiotics and diflucan.
By the end of week two the zantac wasn't seeming to help, we had gone through a bottle of gripe water and mylicon and you were developing an eye infection and by that Friday afternoon Jackson came down with the worst stomach virus ever. He woke up form his nap puking down the hallway and all over my feet while I was holding you. I literally screamed for your daddy. I spent the rest of the evening steam cleaning the carpets every time he missed a towel or the toilet and washing every piece of linen we owned and taking care of you. Your Daddy sat vigently with Jacks' as he vomited every 15-20mins for 10 hours. My heart was broken seeing him go through such agony. He would yawn, then his eyes would water and you knew what was coming next. Jason would run him to the bathroom or catch it with a towel. By the end he was dry heaving and screaming in pain and from being scared and saying he was sorry over and over as he hugged the toilet. Then the last few times he was so weak and would just cry for Jason not to run him into the bathroom. We tried topical phenegran, but it didn't prove to work well. He finally passed out around 11pm and then bounced back like a pro the next morning. I think it was just like a bad nightmare to him, b/c he acted line nothing had happened the next day. I wish I could say the same for your Daddy and I b/c he came down with it a dinner time on Saturday and I got it around 10pm. As soon as, I got the feeling I phoned your Nanny and Papa to come to the rescue and I packed your bags and bathed Jackson. The moment I got you both to sleep and lost all control and just prayed that they would make it before you woke up again. They came around midnight with spite , crackers and lysol in hand. I just cried and cried b/c you were having to leave me so soon and that you would have to take formula until I could see you again. I knew it was for the best though, b/c I didn't have the strength or the time to even change you before I got sick again. Papa took Jackson and Nanny took you. Jason and I were both sick throughout the night and early morning and spent the afternoon re-couping and cleaning. We got you back Sunday night. Then your Mamaw and Papa came down with it a few days later. Nanny said that you were a champ. You took the bottle with no difficulty and were fine as long as you were right on her chest. Come to find out, this virus attacked everyone at daycare. You have to love sending your child to daycare on weekends like this!!!!!!!!!!
After the stomach virus I waited the rest of that week and the next to give the zantac a chance. I was worried that you might have had a touch of the virus, so I wanted to make sure it really was the fact of it not working. You were just so miserable. All you could do for weeks now was scream and cry and be held upright on my chest. You ate 24/7 for comfort and we slept on the couch every night. I had a whole set up in the living room. I felt like I was staying at my boyfriends parent's house! LOL! One night you fell asleep early in your swing in the living room and I fell asleep in bed with Daddy. When you woke me up a couple of hours later I felt guilty, like I had just been got sneaking into my boyfriends room by his parents. I would have done anything to give you and I some rest at that point. Anyway, I finally called into the doctors office and asked for something else to help you and we got a $55.00 rx a month for prevacid. Like I said I would do anything for you!! LOL! Well, I questioned it at first, but as we made it into our 6th week we started to see changes. You became much happier and alert. We actually saw contentment, alertness and peacefulness in your eyes. You started sleeping a full 2.5-3 hours at a time,too. My heart is finally resting now that you are. One night you actually went to sleep in the swing around one and I went to bed leaving in in the living room with daddy. He came to bed around 2:30 thinking you would wake soon and I would get up. Well, at 7am Jackson came to our bed sweetly holding your picture talking about you and we left him in a panic knowing that you were still in the swing. Well, you were unharmed and well rested. We couldn't believe it. You also spent a couple of nights in your bed, but then quickly returned to your swing or my chest. You could also occasionally be content lying right up next to me on your back or side. At the end of week 6 you developed another eye infection in your left eye and I took you in this time. We had some drops called in the last time when we had the virus. You have also sounded very congested this whole time, too. I get large plugs out of your nose several times a day. Dr. Duke said that the congestion was only in your nose and probably caused by the reflux. The eye infection was either secondary to the nasal drainage or from a small tear duct. He gave us stronger drops and said that it should get better and you should grow
out of it. So, as you can see, we have had an eventful first 7 weeks. Day by day you seem to feel better and I think the prevacid and you getting older seem to be the reason. Now, I just have two weeks left to enjoy this happy content baby before I rejoin the workforce to take care of other peoples sick babies. Kind of ironic , huh?
Well, even though unmanageable hormones and postpartum recovery, a very unhappy colicky baby, a sometimes unhappy and headstrong 2 year old and a daddy that loves to fish and hunt, we have made it through. I can never thank your daddy, your grandparents, or our family and friends enough for all the support. It's during the rough and trying times that you realize how truly blessed you are. I love you so much sweet, sweet Zachary Brooks and I can't get enough of your snuggling and your smiles. Thank God for amazing miracles and letting me be in charge of raising them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More presents....

We have received more goodies for you and I just wanted to write them down so that I would remember. Your grandmothers have gotten you several things over the past months, but recently Nanny got you a beautiful light blue gown and Mamaw got you 3 cute little summer outfits. One of the outfits is a little navy blue sailor outfit that I just can't wait to put you in. Sorry baby, but your grandma's know just how sweet, simple and a little frufru I like to dress you boys. Mandy and Josie ( your future girlfriend) got us a big bag full of goodies including diapers, an outfit, hangers, wash and a bottle brush. Ciara got you a burp cloth with an alligator on it and an alligator silky toy. Your brother had a blast going through the bags and naming off everything we got. He's really enjoying going through all your things and so are we! I love that you have ended up with so many things of your own.

I failed to mention how I'm feeling, health wise, in the previous post. Recently, the weather has reached the hot and muggy 90's and my body is reacting by being extremely tired and swollen. I know this is also part of the last few weeks, but it has really snuck up on me. I have actually felt pretty great until now. I have 1+ edema on my days off and 3-4+ edema on the days I work. I have been so tired at night that I think I have gone to bed every night this past week without telling daddy goodnight. A couple of weeks ago I started getting really nauseous around 5 pm every night and had horrible reflux. This means no dinner and I better have my vitamins in early. Last night I was so sick that Daddy put Jacks to bed and I put myself to bed in an upright position. I have to pee every 10 mins or anytime you make a move. Nothing sounds good food wise except plain sandwiches and salads. I go through spurts when I really want sweets. At one point I really wanted Hostess orange cupcakes and last week I really wanted Hostess powdered donuts ( in the big bag only). I have also enjoyed my route 44 Dr. pepper's, easy on the ice. I'm sorry to say that with Jacks caffeine was almost taboo, but with you I have had one a day for the majority of my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. So, if you need after school tutoring or Ritalin than it will be all my fault! LOL! I'm o.k. if I stay on the move, but if I sit for more than a few minutes, I get stiff and sore and I grunt trying to get up and around. The worst part of the day is taking a shower b/c I can't sit down and just let the hot water hit and lying down at night. I actually dread them both. This morning I was really entertaining the idea of making a shower seat and buying a recliner to sleep in.LoL! Driving is also getting difficult, not b/c of the steering wheel ( i actually have plenty of room despite what others may think) but b/c I can't turn to see my blind spots. I have found that some of the shirts that I bought earlier in my pregnancy, now will not cover my belly b/c they're not long enough. My little torpedo is really stretching them out. LOL! I don't have any added stretch marks or "the line" as of yet. I only got a few little marks towards the end with Jacks. I rub my belly down with lotion constantly. My belly is measuring 43 inches around today. I can't believe that I once had an 18 inch waist in high school. LOL! I definitely lost my girly hourglass shape years ago! Ha! Good thing I reeled your Daddy in early. It is a must that I get belly pics with you this week. You move constantly, esp. after I eat. You make huge movements and sometimes real quick movements like you're having a seizure and sometimes you just get a low as possible in my pelvis and curl up in a tight ball. I think this is why my pelvis feels like it could burst open at any time. I can also feel your head move in my pelvis. Very weird I know! I still think it's just amazing to feel and guess what parts of you are where. O.K., I guess that's enough. I know it sounds like a bunch of complaints, but I really enjoy you growing inside of me and I am getting really sad about delivering you and not being able to feel you anymore. I guess I'm being a little selfish, but having you inside of me is only something I can experience and enjoy. It's our special bonding time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My sweet baby boy

Oh, my sweet baby boy, your arrival is coming so close and your mommy is getting so anxious and excited to meet you! I have been "nesting" for weeks now and I think just about every nook and crany in our house has been cleaned out. We won't discuss the amount of trash bags I have gone through. I also got rid of all the old furniture in our room and refinished a dresser for us (distressed black) and one for Jacks ( navy blue). Your little white lamp table is next on my list. We reorganized yours' and Jackson's closets too and made shelves at the bottom for all your toys. Daddy painted your room and it looks fantasic! I have your bed set up with the linens on it, your rocking chair in the corner and all your clothes, bibs, burp rags ,etc.. washed and put away. I couldn't believe how emotional I was about going through Jackson's old things and how well I remembered where/from who everything came from. You have also gotten alot of new things that are just for you! We couln't let everything be hand-me-downs. LOL! Now, I'm just waiting to move the rest of your furniture in and hang your curtains and pictures. Then you will be complete and we can get started on Jackson's new big boy room.

I wasn't sure if I would have the same emotions with you as I had for Jackson, but I have. I catch myself needing everything to be perfect for you. I walk by your room and feel so at peace thinking about you! I could just sit in there for hours and dream about holding you and loving you. I have actually tried to spend alot of time with Jacks in there, so that he will get used to you and your room. I have such an overwhelming attachment with you and have had such a bittersweet emotion about you being born. I feel like this pregnancy has gone way too fast and that I haven't gotten to savor it as much as I need to. I felt the same way about Jacks and I just wish that I will always remember how wonderful it has felt to be pregnant with you both and feel you grow and move inside of me. You are both such miracles and I am so lucky that God chose me to bear and feel such unconditional love. I have loved being pregnant, aside from the aches and pains, and am still amazed by the movement you create. There's nothing more wonderful than feeling you move and watching you on ultrasound. I can't wait to meet you and see your beautiful face and get to know your sweet personality. We are on the count down-3 weeks and 1 day till your due date( and your Papa Butch's B-day)!

I want to make sure and remember the things people had done for us! I work with some of the most wonderful women you will ever meet. They are so strong, caring, sweet and giving. They are not only friends to me, but my second family. I think that they are just as excited about your arrival as we are and very, very upset about still calling you "No Name". LOL! I promise we're working on it! I think it's down to Brooks or Griffin. We better hurry b/c your moomy loves for things to be monogrammed and you have a stack building up. Well, the wonderful girls I work with have given me two showers. I competely didn't expect anything with this being my second pregnancy, but they wanted to do something special to celebrate your arrival and me getting to be a mommy again. One shower was a great dinner at Cantina Loradeo with:
Anna, Becca and Matt ( A gift card to Target)
Keri and Jamie (A bling,bling changing pad that holds diapers and wipes)
Kathy B. ( A teddy bear that moves all his extremities, like they ones your uncles and I had growing up)
Kristina and Tony ( diapers)
Laura ( A precious onsie and blue teddy bear)
and Candi.
The second was a surprise snack potluck at work with cute little cupcakes and dips. They even had cute little "It's a Boy!" napkins and blue plates.
More gifts we received were diapers from Kathy B. and Claire and diapers, wipes and wash from Andrea. I was very excited and overwhelmed that everyone did this for me this week. It just makes your arrival complete and official.

Last, but not least, I saw Dr. Simmons on tuesday and he said that everything looked good. I am measuring right on track, your heart rate was 147 as usual, my vital signs and weight were great and my cervix is closed and soft. We discussed my labor and delivery with Jackson and that yours should be a little shorter and easier. I was extremely anxious on the way to his office this morning (my hormones are really kicking in) and was glad to see him b/c he always makes me feel better. He is like a father figure and has such a way of putting me at ease and making me calm. I really hope that he is there to deliver you. Well, this post doesn't make up for the lack of previous posts, but it does tell you a little about how I'm feeling. I could go on forever, but I think i'll save it for aother day. I love you sweet boy! Mommy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's the little things...

Oh, Jacks, I could talk about you forever. Your little personality is just blooming these days. Not a day goes by that your Daddy and I don't look at each other and say ," Who is he!" and "Where did he come from!". You are just growing up to fast!!!

-Lately you are having full conversations with us and wanting to know every detail of every moment.

-You are constantly saying," What color is that?" or "What color is Daddy?" or "What color your classmates are?". When we say, "I don't know, what color are they or it?", then you tell us. You are getting very good at naming colors and shapes. Sometimes you even try to fool us by saying the wrong thing and grinning ear to ear. I just love those little smirks with the cutting of those big blue eyes!

- You have also started telling us what you want for meals.

-The bugs are back, which means the frogs are glued to the windows at night and you are super excited about the new company every night.

-You love hiding and getting "scared" when caught. You'll hide and yell out," Where's Jackson?". You'll sit and snicker as we pretend to look for you and then squeal in delight when you're found. You also love to tell us to close our eyes and then you scare us by growling like a dinosaur. We usually play this game at dinner. I never thought dinner time would be so fun! Well, not all the time! I have to say that the length of time and dedication we put into tricking you to eat and drink your milk is just prue craziness!!!!

-You are a real momma's boy, but when you want your daddy--stand back! You two are so cute together! I just love to listen to you or watch you when you don't know it. It makes this momma's heart melt! You love your daddy so much and I know that you are already forming an amazing relationship.

-Your daddy bought you a new toy gun that shoots suction darts and the two of you are in heaven. It breaks open like a double barrel shotgun and you know exactly how to load it. You can also shoot a balloon in the air from the "hip", as your daddy says. He is very, very proud! You did this for an hour the other night. as fast as you loaded it , you shot and re-loaded. I think your daddy will have you dove and duck hunting sooner than we think, or sooner than momma and grandmother's might like. I can't wait to see you head out in camo head to toe at you daddy's side. What a sight that will be!!! The Miller boys strike again!!!

I love you,more than words could say, sweetheart!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Oh, Jacks... you are so funny these days. I just had to post some of the things you have said lately.
----"Mommy, that big truck has cupcakes!" We pulled up in the wal-mart parking lot and saw a Hostess truck with twinkies on it. I told you they were twinkies and you said," I liiikke twinkies!"
----You brought my bra to me and said," Mommy, put your boobies on!" Let me add to this that as my belly has grown and we have discussed your baby brother being inside it, you have become infactuated with my boobs.
----We are really working on potty training and this past week you said" Good job, Mommy! I'm proud of you!" while clapping after I went potty. You have also been pulling the back of our pants and saying," You poopy, Daddy?"
---- You automatically ask for crunchies in Wal-mart and chicken (Chick-fil-a) when we enter Mccain mall. Tell me you're not spoiled!
----You have been saying," Hi, Baby Brother! " and patting my belly and raising my shirt to give him sweet kisses. This weekend you asked Nanny where her baby brother was! One minute I think your begining to understand and the next I just don't know.
----You left Gammie and Popaw's house and told your Mamaw," That was fun!"
---- You were swinging at the park (for 45mins) and said," Mommy, I flying to the sky!" So, so sweet! You also love to see other kids and always say,"Hi,guys!" and try to have grown up conversations with them about who they are , who is with them and what they are doing. You love to follow the big kids around!
----When you are deciding on what you want to watch, you say,"Ummmm, I wannna watch ......". You have your own ways of telling us which show like, baby dinosaurs, big dinosaurs, Cecil ( ), wiggles, etc..
----You are really into your colors and can tell them all to us. This week you have been working on the color green and the shape of circles at school. You were siting with your blocks tracing the circles with your finger the other night and repeating, "circle" in the funniest voices.
----You name all your animals and their sounds and whether their babies of big.
----You are flirting by grinning and batting your eyelashes. You also gently touch our faces with the palm of your hand and put your hand oon our chins to bring us in slowly for a kiss. What a casanova! You also have gotten really good at saying something sute or changing the subject when you're in trouble. You are really working it at such a young age.
---- Daddy was hunting on day and you said," Daddy, hunting turkeys and go pow pow!"
---- You were watching ET with Daddy (lying on his chest) last night and you were telling him everything that was going to happen before it happened and were very animated. You talked through the whole thing.
I guess I could go on forever. You are just so vocal these days and so interested in having conversations with us. I love how sweet you are and how your imagnination is beging to work.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby update.....

Today our little man is 27+4 weeks old. I just can't believe that in 3months or less we will meet our second baby boy. I saw Dr. Chatelain (our perinatalogist) at work today and he was sweet enough to do an ultrasound for me. The baby looks wonderful head to toe and is measuring exactly with my dates, even though my uterus is measuring a little big! HA!! I think my babies just like large condos to grow in! The baby is so active and moved the whole time we were looking at him. One time he had his fists up and ready and Dr. Chatelain laughed that he thought Jackson may be in the room and he was just getting ready. I told him that the poor little thing was used to being on gaurd all the time. He said that the baby weighs 2lb6oz and his feet are 2 3/4 in long. I also got some great pics to show Jason. It's such a relief to have someone I trust so much tell me that our baby is perfectly healthy. I'm so thankful that Dr. Chatelain took time out for me today.
On another note, I found Jackson's baby journal the other day and began to feel really guilty that I haven't kept up with this pregnancy like I did his. I promise that I will try to do better. I see Dr. Simmons again next week so I will obtain all me stats from my past visits to post on here. Yes, I will post my weight if everyone promises to not mention it out loud!!
the pregnancy has gone pretty good so far. We started out with my gall bladder attack which is how we found out we were pregnant. Then I saw an expensive dietian ($198.00) who told me a little about a low fat diet. I initally lost a lot of weight b/c I was on a diet that included 10gms of fat a day for the first 2 months. I have to say I was looking good those first two months ! Ha!! Then it increased to 50gms and the last few weeks you don't want to know. I'll just say, if I have an attack it's all my fault for eating hostess orange cupcakes, the dairy bars pecan pie, Melissa's famous choc. chip cookies and Kay's coconut pie. I started out with no cravings then for the first 51/2 months I just wanted apples with salt, now I want good sweets. What I mean is that I don't waste my fat gms on candy, I go for the homebaked stuff. I think Easter did me in though. I haven't wanted sweets in the last two days. I think I just got scared that I wasn't going to have sweets at all b/c I failed my initial glucose screening at 24weeks. Then I went in for the four hour testing and passed 4 out of five of the tests. ( I flunked the 4th one!) It's like I was consuming everything I couldn't have. For the first 4-5 months my abd would swell considerably and hurt slightly if I ate to much or ate the wrong things and I was tired and irritable. Now I feel much better and have more energy. Is it the honeymoon period or the sweets?? I have been really thirsty the whole pregnancy and drink about 2L of water a day. I also have an occasional dr. pepper, sorry! You move all the time and seem to stay on my right side. Right now your head is on my right with your back going along the bottom of my stomach and feet on the left side. I'm guessing that your feet are what's dancing on my bladder every 10 mins. I haven't really gotten in the mood to clean house and prepare. I spent all day monday cleaning , including doors and baseboards. I'm over ready to prepare you room and Jackson's. And more than ready to give you a perfect name!!! Your dad and I are going to write down our favs b/w now and May 1st and discuss it over our 5th anniversary dinner. It's just been so hard to find something , nothing sounds right. My belly is measuring 40in round at this time. I can definitely feel you make large movements and ball up. Today I noticed a few contractions. I have noticed a few at work lately, but none at home. I think they are just braxton hicks contractions and I need to find quiet sit down times at work. My ankles are only swelling a little a work and I can still wear my regular jeans. This is the one time that I can thank jean designers for low rise pants. On the other hand, I have to have maternity shirts to cover my ever growing low rise baby belly. Jackson has started talking about baby brother more. He pats my belly and tells you hi at the strangest times, like when he wants out of something. Occasionally he raises my shirt and kisses my belly rubbing it real softly. I just hope he understands when you get here. I look so forward to the two of you being close buddies. This morning he woke up at 4am and got in bed next to me. He snuggled up as close as he could with his head buried in my next and fell asleep. I laid there enjoying every little breath he took and at the same time you were moving around. I couldn't imagine a more perfect moment with my boys. I am so lucky to feel love in its rawest form and to experience such innocence and perfection. I am truly blessed by the hands of the Lord!!